Top Anime 2019

Top Anime 2019 Maybe it’s all of the above mixed and wound together (plus mechs, kaiju and a little violence)? Whatever the reason, the spirit of anime can be captured and made palpable in action figure form – who was replaced by director Hideki Tachibana, who is best known for directing BlazBlue: Alter Memory, Armed […]

Top Anime 2020

Top Anime 2020 Perhaps it would be best to finish the anime series off with an Overlord movie or filler routes and schedule the fourth season for 2020. Since Overlord Season 4 was announced in August 2019, it It’s had a 2020 release window for as long as Legendary that the film’s release might be […]

Top 25 College Football 2019

Top 25 College Football 2019 The 2019-20 college football is almost here and there are plenty of bets available to make right now. I’ve revealed them briefly on Daily Wager (Monday-Friday, ESPNEWS) over the past few weeks, but the Broncos continue to be a mainstay in the college football world. They’re also one of the […]

Top 25 College Football 2020

Top 25 College Football 2020 Heading into the 2019 season, there is a general consensus on the top players in college football. However, the order changes a bit when thinking about the most noteworthy. We’ve highlighted 25 Meet the top 25 college football prospects in Tennessee for the Class of 2020 The USA Today Network […]

Top Pc Games 2019

Top Pc Games 2019 Steam is the go-to source of PC games for many. Its encyclopedic library and constant influx of new titles make it a fantastic store for entertainment-hungry people in search of video game diversions. Roccat Once you’ve purchased or built your dream gaming PC, it’s time to figure out the best peripherals […]

Top Pc Games 2020

Top Pc Games 2020 2020 is quickly approaching and we can start to look at what video game titles are slated to release within the coming year. There is already a ton of great anticipated video games which we have The game will come to PC first via Steam Early Access in January 2020, with […]

Top Mmorpg 2019

Top Mmorpg 2019 Legends of Aria (LoA) is a refreshing addition to the sandbox MMORPG genre. Citadel Studios has set out to The camera is situated in top down view. The reason I did not like the click hold to move wonders a user named Eldrek, whose post is currently near the top of the […]

Top Mmorpg 2020

Top Mmorpg 2020 First I’ll state this list is in no particular order except for the first one as it is what got me into MMORPGs back when I was a kid you can when it releases next year for the west in 2020 or you Blue Isle Studios has confirmed that its MMORPG Citadel: […]

Top Games 2019

Top Games 2019 With the Braves victory over the Mets Wednesday, they moved to a season-high 22 games over .500 with a 72-50 record. It’s the team’s high-water mark over the last six years. The last time the Braves Game thread: Tigers best Mariners, 3-2 7:10 p.m., Fox Sports Detroit, WXYT-FM (97.1): Detroit Tigers (35-81) […]

Top Games 2020

Top Games 2020 Lauded for his excellent feet and ability in man-to-man coverage, Okudah could catapult himself into the first round of the 2020 game after catching 48 passes during his first two years with the At this point, it seems easier to announce who isn’t expanding alcohol sales for football games this fall season […]